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A Little Inspiration

“Remember no one makes it alone.
Have a grateful heart and be quick to acknowledge those who help you.”

Item #368 Life’s Little Instruction Book

Keeping Up Your Ridge Community!

“Strata Council” might seem like a bit of a vague term to those of you not directly involved, but did you know that they actually do a TON of work to keep everything in the Ridge Community running smoothly? You might hear about the work and projects they’ve been pushing forward once a year at the AGM, but what happens the rest of the time?

It can take a lot of work to keep a complex like this in good shape for everyone to enjoy involving everything from researching solutions, options and quotes for repair and maintenance to resolving conflicts and tracking down those mysterious items that ‘just appear’ with no one knowing from whose pet or unit they came from (or how that surprise might have landed under the Activity Room sink!)

What about the really not so fun stuff like tracking down ‘lost’ strata fee cheques, following up with those owners that insist on parking in our Visitor’s spots, or making sure the building keeps up with mandated requirements like Depreciation Report updates so that your building keeps an impeccable record for investigating insurers to see.

With everything going on, I wanted to share this info with you to help you understand what’s happening behind the scenes to keep your community running smoothly for everyone. 

Need some ideas on how to thank YOUR Strata Council? I’ve got a lot of experience, so just reach out to me today!

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Life and Real Estate continue to push forward as we all adapt to the world around us. The market took some punches in the spring with the initial shut-downs and adjustments to protocols to keep us all safe, but has sprung back up to set records for sales in the Fraser Valley. The August market showed on average a 57% increase compared to sales last year! If you’ve been thinking about putting your home on the market, or looking to buy, now is the time with both high demand and available options for sellers and buyers alike with increased online access to properties and safe protocols smoothly in place.

Contact Natalie today to find out exactly how to market your home safely and effectively!

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